Nano Ceramic Protect

New Creations has a 30-year history of delivering repairs of the highest quality. After testing many different ceramic coatings, we found that Nano Ceramic Protect was the best. Because of this, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Nano Ceramic Protect to become their exclusive dealer in Canada.

Ceramic Paint Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® gives you highest standards of nanotechnological ceramic protective coatings with 9H hardness certificate. There is nothing better to protect your car and give a brand new look to it.

Leather & Plastic Protection

Nano Ceramic Protect® gives your car a brand new look also in the interior of your car. Leather or fabric upholstery? It’s not even a challenge to NCP’s products.

Glass & Cabrio Protection

Nanotechnological Nano Ceramic Protect® products works perfectly not only on your car windows (increases your safety) but also on all car elements made from plastics.

What is a Nano Ceramic 9H Coating?

After the 9H coating is applied, a hydrophobic soft coating is applied overtop. This will leave your car feeling slippery and cause liquids to bead off your vehicle.



Nano Ceramic Protect enhances the shiny look of your vehicle and keeps it that way for years.



Driving your car exposes it to all kinds of damage, gradually making your finish look faded, scratched, and worn. Our Nano Ceramic Coating will protect against dirt, sand, acids, UV rays and extreme weather conditions.



Our coatings are hydrophobic and have a self-cleaning effect, meaning you will save hours cleaning your car. Things that used to be difficult to remove, such as bugs, sap, and tar, will now come off in a fraction of the time.

9H hardness. What it is?

Nano Ceramic Protect® ceramic protective coating is approved by the international 9H hardness certificate. Let’s take a look at the surface of the ceramic coated car paint. The preparation crystallizes to form a resistant and durable protective layer. It’s a result of binding into a dense network of nanoparticles. The molecular structure of the preparation allows you to have the thick, glossy protective coat on your car’s body.

The highest 9H hardness and standards of Nano Ceramic Protect® guarantees you durability even in extremely difficult weather conditions. The Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H is a permanent coating. It is only removable by sanding it off the car paint surface. After applying the Nano Ceramic Protect® coating, we obtain a durable protective layer with excellent smoothness and gloss in 3D space. It’s guaranteed for many years.

The advantages of using Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H:

√ High hydrophobicity,
√ Deep and rich colour,
√ High paint gloss,
√ UV radiation resistance,
√ High temperatures resistance,
√ No vulnerability on corrosion or oxidation,
√ Resistance on chemical compounds influece,
√ Scratches resistance,
√ Covering does not submit to a wash (ex. in the car wash). It can be removed only by paint polishing.

Nano Ceramic Protect

Nano Ceramic Protect® The most advanced nanotechnologically advanced 9H paintwork protection system in the world.