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Recreational Vehicle Restoration

Recreational Vehicle Interior Restorations

Having an RV is great, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of things that can be damaged. An RV is essentially a mini house combined with a truck, which leaves you with ‘home’ and ‘vehicle’ damage. An RV is made to sustain damage, since it is made for exploring the outdoors with your friends and family. Thankfully, New Creations can reverse the wear and tear to keep your RV looking and feeling new.

Have you ever tried replacing a linoleum floor in an RV? It’s a nightmare! RVs are designed to conserve space, which means replacing your flooring will require you to take everything out and install a custom-sized floor. This takes hours and hours, and is a significant financial investment. RV owners often do this, not realizing that repairing is an option. With New Creations, we specialise in RV repairs & restorations, and we can come to you and repair your damaged linoleum, saving your time and money.

This same principle is true for many other aspects of your RV. The owner of a scratched but otherwise fine countertop will assume it must be replaced, and a scuffed driver’s seat would be completely reupholstered. This is expensive and time consuming.

Other times, owners will try to just live with the problems in their RV because they think it’s not worth the time and money to fix it. Unfortunately, rips and tears grow bigger over time, and can end up leading to much bigger problems if they aren’t fixed right away. With New Creations, your RV can be completely restored for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Those rips and tears can be dealt with before they become a major issue, and in the long-run, you’ll save a lot of time and money.

From damaged dashboards to scratched linoleum, New Creations can restore your RV back to it’s original condition. Repairing the damage right away saves time and money, and let’s be honest, it’s much more enjoyable to use an RV that looks and feels like new! If you have any damage with the inside of your RV, make sure you call New Creations before you replace it. Our repairs are seamless, durable, eco-friendly, and competitively priced.

When an RV gets damaged, it’s often not worth going through the hassle, effort, and expense of replacing the damage. Fortunately, New Creations can repair nearly any problem you may have with the materials in your RV. The versatility of our  RV repairs & restorations team means that we can repair the automotive aspect of your RV’s interior, as well as the home aspect of your RV. From a worn-out driver’s seat to a ripped linoleum floor, our technicians are trained to make your RV look like new again.