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Flooring Restorations by New Creations

From linoleum and vinyl to tile and hardwood, New Creations can repair all of your minor flooring damage.  There’s no need to replace your entire hardwood floor because of some dog scratches.  New Creations can come, repair the damage, and our exceptional colour matching means we can match the colour of your hardwood, even if it is faded from the sun.

Kitchen floors are typically used and abused, with utensils being dropped and food splattered. Unfortunately, certain styles of kitchen tiles are often decommissioned over time, leaving a homeowner with damage that is irreversible unless they rip out their entire floor. New Creations can repair minor cracks and dings in your tile and save you thousands of dollars of replacement costs. Home owners, in an attempt to bypass the expense of tile, choose vinyl flooring or linoleum as a more practical alternative, but when this flooring gets snagged and ripped, the damage is not localized as it is with tile.

Linoleum and vinyl damage often continues to spread as time progresses, with no alternative in sight but total replacement of the flooring. A little tear can easily turn into a ripped, peeling mess, but a New Creations technician can come to you durably repair vinyl and linoleum while making it look good as new.

A central principle for New Creations technicians is creating repairs that last. When it comes to your flooring, this is truly important, because the repaired area is made to be walked on and beaten up! Our industry-leading repair products are well known for their durable results, which gives our customers the comfort of knowing that New Creations repairs won’t fall apart as the area is lived in. From scratched tile and hardwood to ripped up linoleum, New Creations will repair your damaged flooring and make it look and last like new.