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Furniture Restoration

Furniture is an essential part of a home, and when these pieces are damaged, it can be a worry. Have your kids started picking holes in your new leather couch?  Has your cat scratched your favourite wood cabinet?

There’s no need to stress, because a New Creations mobile technician is a call away. We will come to you and repair the damage on-site, saving you time and money. Our repairs are durable and invisible, leaving you with a repair that looks great long term.

At New Creations, it is our goal to provide outstanding quality, durability, and convenient mobile service to ultimately bring the highest value to our customers. When you use New Creations, you don’t need to haul your big couch out of the house, or re-install your wood cabinetry.  We’ll come to you, and do the repair on-site.  This minimizes the hassle and the risks of damage associated with transporting your furniture to a shop.

Our home’s furniture is what gives it functionality and character, from our sofas and chairs to cabinets and tables. Furniture is valuable, whether it’s has been passed on through the family, or is otherwise special to us, and it’s not something we want to waste. New Creations can restore damage and reverse wear on these prized possessions with our high quality, durable repair methods.

Surface damage can seem impossible or costly to repair, but New Creations technicians can come to your home and give a free quote. Since New Creations repairs the damage instead of replacing the whole area, we not only minimize costs, but our repairs minimize waste and it’s impact on the environment. With our repairs, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ doesn’t mean settling for furniture that looks and feels anything less than its best. We can pinpoint and repair the damage durably and invisibly. With New Creations, you can trust that your furniture will be repaired with your value in mind, providing high quality, waste-reducing, and convenient mobile repairs.