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  • Direct access to highly skilled technicians to coach you on difficult jobs.

Most of our work recurring business is done for businesses such as automobile dealers, insurance companies, body shops, moving companies, property management companies, and more.  We do large volumes of work for retail customers as well!

No, it is not necessary to have mechanical, construction, or restoration experience to be a successful franchise owner.  Our comprehensive training program ensures each franchisee has access to the latest industry techniques and trends.  This being said, good people-skills, ethics, high motivation, and the ability to see colours are all requirements of an owner/operator of a New Creations franchise.

You will need a vehicle that is 10 years old or newer with a separate cargo area to store your tools.  Our franchisees often have a truck with a canopy, a work van with a wall installed behind the front row, or a Ford Transit.  We require your vehicle to be white with current New Creations branding added on as stickers or decals, or to have the vehicle fully wrapped.

The initial franchise training consists of 3 weeks on location and one week in the area you are purchasing from us.

Currently there is an Annual Training Seminars held at our Headquarters in BC, and a semi-annual Training Seminar in Atlantic Canada every second year.  These seminars are free of charge to both Franchise Owners and their contracted Employees and Subcontractors.

On average, a New Creations franchise receives the exclusive rights to an area with a population of around 250,000 people.

New Creations will supply you with all the supplies that you need.  There are a few tools on the list that if you have them, you can use them instead of purchasing new.

On average, you can expect your supplies costs to range from 2.5-5% of gross sales.  This number can vary significantly depending on the type of repairs you are doing.


What Do We Restore?

At New Creations, we make it our priority to restore your prized possessions, making them look and feel like new.
Since New Creations began in 1988, we have continued to develop and expand our restoration processes. We’re constantly establishing new techniques and products to serve our customers even better, focusing on innovation, versatility, and the durability to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.
From your home and vehicle to your watercraft and RV, New Creations can restore it all. Your damaged materials are no match for our professional technicians! Our New Creations technicians pride themselves in being able to repair just about anything. We provide leading technology to give the best repairs, and our mobile technicians will come to you and make your prized possessions look and feel like new.
Let us erase those cuts, scrapes, wears, and burns for an affordable price!

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