Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to some commonly asked questions

How do you do the repairs?

For most repairs, we use highly compatible fillers and adhesives to structurally do the repair. We then duplicate or mimic the original texture and color.

How long do repairs take?

Repairs vary in time from a few minutes to several hours. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific project.

How long do the repairs last?

Durability depends on various factors, such as the condition of the materials being repaired, exposure to the elements and friction. Each situation is unique and should be discussed with a Technician prior to repair.

Is your repair process environmentally friendly?

Our repairs stop thousands of pounds of plastic, vinyl, cloth, carpet, leather, etc. from needlessly sitting in landfills. This keeps our earth cleaner and safer. Our coatings are applied with low pressure and meet or beat environmental regulations.

I saw a commercial for a "Do It Yourself" Leather Repair Kit. Is there any benefit to using New Creations instead?

We offer professional, quality repairs with the best products. We are often called to redo “Do it yourself” repairs, which end up costing more and potentially destroying the material.

Do we have to bring our repairs to you?

New Creations offers mobile repair service to your home or business. Most repairs can be done on site.

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