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Before you run out and look at new couches or chairs, call New Creations. New Creations can help you keep your favorite furniture solid, functional, beautiful and comfortable!

We can repair:

· Sofa frames by reinforcing the broken wood frame

· Cushions by replacing or repairing foam cushions

· Flat padding by adding padding to arms and lumbar sections of the sofa for comfort

· Leather, vinyl and cloth tears

· Complete leather transformation by converting your old sofa into something amazing again

· Wood trim and feet by repairing scratches, scuffs, and broken trim

· Springs and mechanisms by repairing or replacing worn-out components

· Power recliners and switches by diagnosing and repairing power units

· Torn seams by re-stitching

· Stains in the upholstery by using amazing pet-friendly cleaners

· Upholstered covers by installing factory replacement covers

· Dust covers by replacing dust cover fabric with our convenient on-site installation

Customers have told us that New Creations was the only service they could find who would help them with their furniture issues:

“I had a sofa set in need of several repairs (burn hole, scratches on the wooden sofa legs, popped out spring, frame damage, seam coming loose) and I had purchased an accidental warranty coverage. After making a claim, my warranty company sent the list of the issues needing repair to New Creations. New Creations promptly called to set up an appointment at a convenient time to come to my house. . . . New Creations USA’s Portland representative, showed up as scheduled to make the necessary repairs and did an outstanding job. . . . With how great my sofa and loveseat look I can only imagine what a great job that they would do on an automobile or RV. If I ever need a furniture repair done, I will call New Creations. I highly recommend New Creations. ” – Charity P.

Instead of buying new – Repair – Restore – Renew with New Creations.