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Partnering With Real Estate Professionals

First impressions matter. When prepping a home for sale, first impressions are a top concern. Painting and basic upgrades are must. But what do you do about chips, cracks, broken tiles, dented floors, and wear in the home?

Drawing On Experience

Portland has had a record number of uber hot days this summer and it has created some interesting work for us. Recently, we were hired to do a job that truly tested our skills.

Easy Online Estimating

We’ve received great feedback about the ease and response time of our online estimating at our website. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Don’t Go Shopping Yet

Before you run out and look at new couches or chairs, call New Creations. New Creations can help you keep your favorite furniture solid, functional, beautiful and comfortable!

Wood Cabinets

Repairing wooden cabinets with cosmetic damage is also one of our specialties. Often cabinets will show wear at handles and edges where they are opened and closed several times per day.