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Paint Chips & Scratches

Automotive Paint Chips & Scratches Restorations


Driving in Canada can be treacherous to your vehicle’s exterior.  Over time, most used cars have some paint chips, scuffs, or minor scratches. Fortunately, New Creations is able to fix the interior and exterior of your car!  A perfect paint job makes any vehicle look sharp and pristine. New Creations can erase the scuffs and scratches on your paint for a fraction of the cost of a new paint job. Maintaining your exterior paint keeps your vehicle looking it’s best.

A little scuff or scratch can take a lot of the appeal away from your vehicle’s paint. Instead of resorting to an expensive new paint job, let New Creations make it look good as new! Say goodbye to the damage which makes your car look old and beaten, and say hello to paint that looks like new!

From minor scratches to paint chips, New Creations can bring your vehicle’s dull and damaged paint back to life. Chipped paint isn’t the end of the world anymore; with New Creations, your chipped paint is a quick repair away from looking good as new!

Is your paint looking faded and dull? We have a fantastic polish system that can take your tired paint and make it look fresh. Instead of paying for a brand new paint job, New Creations can provide a much cheaper option with amazing results.

By choosing to repair your paint instead of repainting your vehicle completely, we can work together to lessen our effect on the environment as well. By spot treating your damage instead of repainting everything, you save time, money, and the chemical supplies required for your vehicle to be repainted.

With our mobile, cost-effective services, repairing your paint is convenient and affordable. Our repairs are seamless and durable, so you can trust that your paint repair will look, feel, and last just like a new paint job.